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so I was browsing through the featured news stories on yahoo when I came across two that I found rather interesting…


the first was about Ben Wilson. I posted pictures of some of his artwork last year, I believe. Now, he’s in the news about it. I’m so happy for him. He’s so friggin talented and creative and everything. And I still want to meet him and come across his gum art some time in the future.


the second was about a 41-year-old EX teacher who left his family [wife and kids] to live with his new girlfriend who just turned 18. Sure the age difference is kind of big, but isn’t that their business? Why the freak does everyone else think they have a say in other people’s lives?

I understand where the mom is coming from, but what she’s trying to do seems pointless to me. She turned her facebook page basically into a hate page against the guy. She can do whatever she likes. The think that gets me is that she has the police investigating when the relationship actually began. 

I honestly don’t see how any good can come out of any of this. If the relationship did start earlier than her 18th birthday, there are four outcomes that I can think of: 

  • he goes to jail
  • your daughter becomes mad at you if she isn’t already
  • you’re still friggin miserable [along with everyone else outraged since none of y’all can actually change the past
  • and I think it’s a waste of time for the police compared to “other” crimes they could actually be out there solving or preventing

And if they’re found to be telling the truth:

  • you [and everyone like you] are still miserable
  • and the police have wasted their friggin time

I get that she probably is doing this to “protect” her daughter or whatever, but her daughter is friggin 18. She should be able to make her own decisions. And if that includes her thinking [maybe she actually is?] that she’s in love with this guy, I think she should experience this and learn from her mistake [if this is a mistake].


P.S. I friggin feel like friggin crapp. I hate when people change plans on me and then tell me at the last minute [so to speak].

P.P.S. I guess I do that, too so I probably have no right to say that about others.